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You Can Boost Big Air! 

5 Steps to 'Sending It'
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"I'm Gonna Help You
Add 10-20ft (3-6m) to Your Jumps... Even If You're Just Starting Out!"

In this free live webinar, big boosting & award winning instructor John Beede is going to teach you the 5 steps to get huge air, fly safe, and land smooth... every time. You're going to be boosting to the moon!

Newbie jumpers can expect to supass the 10 foot (3 meter) mark while advanced riders will add 10-20ft (3-6m) to their jumps.  The 60-minute webinar INCLUDES downloadable cheat-sheets for review at the beach.

We'll end the webinar with LIVE Q+A and then we'll send you off to safely & confidently SEND IT!

Skill Prerequisites: Upwind riding, board recovery, self-rescue, launching & landing.
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What You'll Learn On This FREE TRAINING

You're ALSO Getting... 

- Live Q+A Session

- Equipment recommendations for boosting

- Downloadable CHEAT SHEET to take to the beach!


We're limited to 100 participants, so reserve your seat and show up ready to take notes on the free downloadable cheat-sheet!

""John is an awesome dude and excellent instructor. It takes a special kind of guy to be calm and composed in and out of the water yet still get excited for your progress. In addition to his top notch teaching skills, he is a seriously rad kiteboarder. Safety is his first priority and I feel confident in my skills now because of my lesson with you. Big smiles all day from this guy. Cheers to you John!""

James S.
Kite Student

"His instruction and guidance were extraordinary. He was kind, patient and very very helpful! He offered suggestion and explanation in a way that I was able to translate into the movement of my kite and made observations and corrections my previous instructors had not! It made all the difference in the world! Thank John Beede!!"

Darcy S.
Kite Student

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