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Big boosting & award-winning instructor John Beede is going to teach you how to safely & confidently get huge air, fly safe, and land smooth... every time!

Newbie boosters can expect to supass the 10 foot (3 meter) mark while advanced riders will add 10-20ft (3-6m) to jumps. 

Course includes TWO 60-minute classroom sessions, workbook, and cheat-sheets, and 1-on-1 coaching.

Prerequisites: Upwind riding, board recovery, self-rescue, launching & landing.

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Please print your workbook, cheatsheets, and boosting drills. Bring them to the clinic!

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Cape Town, South Africa









Join this boosting clinic! You'll get a step-by-step set of drills, exercises, and technical knowledge that will have you steadily increasing the height of your jumps. Plus, you'll get 1-on-1 coaching.

Never again will you wonder, "what if I go too high!? What if I never come down?! What if I crash too hard and get injured?!" Rather, you're going to know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to be the envy of the whole beach.


1. Big Safety For Big Air

Jump rate that is right for you and how to progress safely.

2. Boosting Boardwork

How to use your board for jumps and boosts.

3. Kite Control Skills

What your kite should do and barwork to make it happen.

4. Gear & Mindset

Kites & boards that work best, plus your mind as equipment.

5. Buttery Landings

Learn how to descend with grace and prevent wipeouts.

6. Your First Boosts!

Steady progression drills to gain confidence and skill.

7. Send it to the Moon!

When you're ready, how to jump beyond 30 feet.

8. Boosting Q+A

You'll have dedicated time to ask your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The classroom sessions will take place Thursday, February 14th. Arrive at 9 to meet other kiters and the SAK kite team. Classroom sessions will start at 9:30am SHARP (not Africa time) followed by a 30 minute coffee break, then again 11a-12pm. The classroom sessions will take place in a house in Bloubergstrand (Cape Town). Exact address will be provided after your registration.

Your 1-on-1 coaching can take place anytime after the classroom sessions.


Most of us get into kiteboarding because we see someone 'hucking' huge air. Yet, because of the risk of injury, lack of quality instruction, and poor mental conditioning, many kiters never experience the very thing that got them started in the first place.  

That's why this boosting intensive clinic exists.


negative feedback loop - fears decrease performance, performance leads to injuries, injuries create legitimate fears.

This clinic is perfect for both  newbie jumpers looking to learn safe boosting mechanics and for advanced riders who want to add 10ft-20ft (3m-6m) to their jumps. 

Anyone can take the clinic, but if you want to start jumping, you will need to first be able to ride upwind, body drag back to your board every time, launch and land your kite, transition, and self-rescue.

If you can complete those skills 80% of the time, you are ready to jump.

You're a cocky son of a gun, aren't you? 

Everyone - even the best in the world - can refine their mechanics. That's what this clinic is all about. If you're an expert kiter, your head may not explode with knowledge the way that a beginner's will, but you will definitely gain additional skills and understandings that will send your boosts (and stoke factor) higher than they've ever been.

We have a money-back guarantee. If, after the first classroom session, you decide that the clinic is not for you, you are entitled for a full refund. Just let us know prior to the start of the second classroom session. 

John Beede got into kitesurfing for the boosting. He crashed and injured himself up to the 50ft jump height, all while sponsoring more yard sales than a Florida retirement community.

He’s been kiting for 10 years in some of the world’s gnarliest and most beautiful locations including Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Canada, the USA, and Antarctica.

Some people like to brag that he climbed Mt. Everest and the tallest mountain on every continent, but he's shy to talk about it.

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Beginners will start jumping safely up to 3 meters and skilled kiters can expect to add 3-6 meters to their jumps. Course cost on next step.

Special Thanks to SA Kitesurf Adventures for Hosting!


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Certified, professional instruction in St. Petersburg, FL, the Columbia River Gorge, and Cape Town, SA.


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